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Property Management professionals start the process immediately...

Investment Introduction

The Australian Real Estate sector is a strong and stable market... Read more >>

Why UCHK Consulting

Access to professionals real estate investment advice...

Australian Bank Loans

Private Wealth Finance with 100% approval rate for overseas clients... Read more >>

How to Buy Property

Buying an Australian property involves a few simple steps... Read more >>

Visa and Citizenship

Services including, student and vistor visas and immigration services... Read more >>

Construction Standards

The Australian Government takes the standard of all buildings very seriously... Read more >>

Investment Wealth Goals

UCHK are able to multiply your initial real estate investment... Read more >>

Partner with a Legal Firm

'Asia Desk' essential legal services for property investment... Read more >>

Study in Australia

While studying in Australia students learn about the cultural diversity... Read more >>

Australian Universities

Australia has some of the best universities and schools in the world... Read more >>

Australian Economy

The Australian economy is one of the stronegst in the world... Read more >>

Australian Culture

Australia is a place of acceptance to people of all backgrounds and beliefs... Read more >>

Retirement in Australia

Australia is the best place for those who seek to retire... Read more >>

UCHK provides overseas real estate investors opportunities, information and logistics.

With staff and networks globally, we have been assisting the needs of overseas property investors for over 25 years.

UCHK Consulting Ltd conduct business in traditional and valued methods, this means meeting with clients, discussing longterm wealth strategies, suggesting approved real estate investment options and presenting detailed information in an impartial way.

There are many aspects of an Australian property investment including migration, tax, legal, bank finance and property management. With an international group of companies providing the entire range of real estate services, UCHK caters for all clients requirements and can even provide student relocation assistance.

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Above all, the aim of UCHK is to deliver wealth creation to our overseas investors and homeowners. Even if the reason for buying property is simply to emigrate or retire, our promise is to give you the very best advice and consultation in the market and the opportunity to act on that information.

"The Australian Government welcomes foreign residential investment. It is the genesis to building Australia’s economy by supporting population growth and provides financial prosperity for all Australians"

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Australian Government foreign investment policy is promoting overseas investment in residential real estate to increase Australia's housing stock. The policy is channelling foreign investment into the housing sector that directly increases the supply of new housing and brings manifold benefits to the local building industry and its suppliers.

Only Australian Government approved property investments can be purchased by overseas investors and is regulated by the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB).

All UCHK real estate investment opportunities are FIRB - Foreign Investment Review Board pre-approved and available for purchase by overseas investors.

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Australia Quick Facts

Melbourne is the world’s most livable city for the second year in a row... Read more >> Sydney is the gateway to Australia and the most popular and populated city... Read more >> Perth lies on the west coast of Australia looking out at the Pacific Ocean... Read more >> Adelaide is the major city of South Australia, with a population of 1.25 million... Read more >> Brisbane is was taken from the name of Scottish Sir Thomas Brisbane... Read more >> Darwin is a city in the Northern Territory state of Australia... Read more >> Canberra is the capital city of Australia and is located is inland... Read more >> Australia is ranked with one of the highest standards of living in the world... Read more >> Australia is at the cutting edge in business and commerce... Read more >> Agriculture is an important part of the Australian economy... Read more >> Australia boasts a range of unique animals... Read more >> The Australian Outback is the large and remote central area of Australia... Read more >> Australia is home to many famous rainforests stretching across the country... Read more >> The Aboriginal peoples are the traditional landowners of the Australia... Read more >> Australia is governed by laws and regulations... Read more >> Australia has a great wealth of natural, fresh produce... Read more >>

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