Australia is a country of acceptance to people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

It is a place where everyone takes pride in calling themselves an Australian or an Aussie. Australia real estate investment from overseas has contributed to a rich and culturally diverse society.

Strong British and Western influences began from around the late 18th century when the first settlers came, while an indigenous culture and natural environment have contributed older traditions and customs that are still evident and celebrated today.

As the worlds youngest developed country, Australia has grown by welcoming people from all nations to come and join the building of a great country. Since 1945 more than six million people from across the world have come to Australia to live.

Australia real estate investors have a number of visa categories, designed to accommodate different circumstances, skills, backgrounds and family relationships. Some of these lay a path to permanent residency. UCHK offers overseas property investors a comprehensive service of visa and immigration advice, consultation and practical assistance to make the dream move to Australia.

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Australia cultural diversity