Australia Investment loans 1.75% - 2.25%

Australian property investors have been enjoying record low interest rates in recent time. Overseas UCHK Consulting clients on the other hand have been in the black with rental returns for many years now.

Exclusive to UCHK clients, offshore loans at 1.75% - 2.25% have been turning modest property investments into an ATM machine for rental income. Property investment finance is paramount to the success of your real estate wealth goals. Obtaining the best market mortgage rate and loan structure can save you thousands per year.

The monetary rules that apply to offshore loans are that the borrower must have a non-resident tax status within Australia or New Zealand. To mitigate the currency risk, clients must earn the specific currency in order to have that currency option, which can be, Currency: AUD, HKD, USD, JPY , EUR, CHF and CAD. CNY earners, the bank can provide them HKD option.

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Australia Investment Loan