Foreign Australia Real Estate investors are now required to verify their identity.

On November 9, 2015 New laws came into effect requiring all purchasers of real estate to verify their identity "verification of identity" (VOI). The amendment to the Transfer of Land Act requires all parties to a property transaction to have their identity verified (VOI). The VOI also applies to company directors and lawyers who are acting under a Power of Attorney.

By Scott O. Talbot - November 25, 2015

The Registrar of Titles (State by State Government Department) across Australia have put in place specific requirements that must be followed to verify I property owners identity. Similar to an Australian bank’s requirement to verify the identity of an account holder to "score 100 points”.

Drivers Licence = 40 points
Credit Card - Library Card - Union Card = 25 points
Car registration - Utility bill - Rental receipts = 25 points
Birth Certificate - Passport - Citizenship Certificate = 70 points

"The VOI or “Identity Agents” are any Australian consulat, embassy or post office, for a nominal fee. Sufficient Identity documents must be presented to the Identity Agent at the appointment to ensure the certification process is completed. (please refer to the above 100 point requirements)

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Australia Real Estate VOI Requirements