Are we the new generation of Australia real estate investment slaves
to get rich quick ? - our behavioural defects

There is undoubtably a behavioural science that attracts our senses and desire embedded in our DNA. Obviously a casino has mastered the science and places well re-searched and proven methods to attract even a non gambler such as myself to drop hard earned money into the mouth of a colourful and noisy ATM machine.

By Scott O. Talbot

A reverse ATM machine (aka Pokie or slot machines) that does not dispense our money, but 99.9% of the time, consumes it. A casino is the best example of subliminal messaging and environmental conditioning that brings forth an uncontrollable urge for us to throw our money away under the pretence of entertainment and enjoyment.

Get rich quick desires, ego, or frustration are the most common defects of a property investor. Visiting any of the hundreds of display show rooms or online advertisements is for many, an overload of opportunity and choices wherein subliminal or obvious messages of wealth creation are at the forefront. Our ‘get rich quick’ DNA is stimulated and the desire builds to an obsession.

If we understand our behavioural defects when placed inside a casino,
do we have similar defects and emotional triggers when attending property exhibitions,
attracted by colourful booths and happy charming sales staff offering property investment ?

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Australia real estate investment slaves