Congratulations on your new Australian property purchase.

Congratulations on your Australian property purchase. Now that settlement is expected soon, the following provides detailed steps to completing an off-shore-loan application,
what happens at settlement and the ongoing property management and rental collection. The following is information is 'step-by-step' of the entire process when your Australian property investment is nearing completion and you have been advised that settlement is pending. As a practice, we highly recommend that the loan application processed and completed at least 90 days prior to the estimated completion and settlement. Complete the application form with all the details of both borrowers. If two names appear on the contract of sale, both persons must complete the bank loan application form. This should be done as soon as possible as there are a limited number of these off shore loan packages available.

- Provide copies of the supporting income documents such as tax returns, pay slips and bank statements for each person on the loan application.
- If your property is existing and tenanted, please provide a copy of the rental managers statement and/or copy of the rental agreement.
- If your property is brand new and the property has not settled yet, complete this section with the rental estimate only.

Upon completing all the loan paper work and attaching all the supporting documents please email everything to to allow us to check that everything is completed correctly, we will review this draft before it is sent to the bank.

Preparing to settle your Australia property

30-60 Days prior to completion, the property developer will issue a notice to you and your Australian lawyer acting for you that your australian real estate investment is completed.
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After UCHK has advised you that the paper work is correct, you will need to have your signature witnessed at an Australian Embassy or Consulate

Finally, please scan and email these documents to and mail the originals to the bank address on the application form. The PDF version of the loan application will be emailed to the Westpac loan offer with your contact details. The loan officer will make contact with you to introduce themselves and discuss the next steps and payment of the loan application fee $750 (approx).

The lawyer will prepare a ‘Transfer of Land’ and other supporting documents for you to sign. These documents will be sent to you via mail or courier and will need to be completed and the originals returned immediately to the lawyer. The lawyer will also request that you deposit the final funds required into the law firm trust account in preparation for settlement, usually 14 days prior to the settlement date. Your lawyers will advise you in advance of the funds required at settlement and what they will be used for:

Further Loan Equity (20% of the purchase price or only 10% with a 80% loan)
Government Stamp Duty (Ask UCHK for the estimate)
Bank Loan Fees $750
Final Legal Fees $900
Registration of Mortgage $111
Search Certificate of Title $17

Together with the initial 10% deposit you paid at signing,
the above funds will be available at settlement with the balance of the purchase price
being the 70% loan that will be provided by the bank.

The physical settlement of your property wherein the money is exchanged for the property title in your name/s takes place at a lawyers office and is attended by the lawyers from the developer, your lawyer and the bank representative only.Your lawyer is representing you at this transaction and will ensure that everything is conducted smoothly and correctly.


30-60 Days prior to completion, UCHK will contact the developer for a list of rental mangers appropriate for the rental and management of your property. UCHK will interview the property mangers on your behalf and recommend the best option to you.

The appointed property manager will then email you an authority agreement including the schedule of fees. The property manger will also require your Australian bank account detail so that the rental every month can be paid directly to you.

When a brand new project is completed there will be a number of apartments available for rent at precisely the same time. This will only happen once as tenants do not end their leases on the anniversary and many will continue on living at the complex for many years. Therefore, the high number of properties available is very unlikely to be repeated. UCHK recommend to be the first to get a tenant by offering your apartment at the lower rate. In the bigger picture $50 per week is nothing when you may have to wait weeks to find a tenant prepared to pay the higher amount. Example: the difference of $450 and $500 per week could be 5.7 weeks lost income. Naturally, the following year you can increase the rental and advertise the property whilst the existing tenant is still paying you rent. The property manger will also pay for on your behalf, expenses such as council rates, building management, water and insurances. The expenses will be paid from your rental income with the balance each month paid into your nominated Australia bank account.

With 30-60 days lead time before you own the property, the advertising for tenants will commence and all applications will be sent to the purchaser and UCHK for approval.

- A successful tenant application will then be processed and a lease agreement prepared.
- The lease agreement will be signed by the property manager on your behalf and a copy email to you.
- There is nothing else to attend to. Every month you will be provided a rental statement and once a year (if the tenant decides not to renew the lease) a new tenant will be found well in advance of the currently lease ending and, a new tenant application forwarded to UCHK and yourself for approval.
- There is nothing else to attend to. Every month you will be provided a rental statement and once a year (if the tenant decides not to renew the lease) a new tenant will be found well in advance of the currently lease ending and, a new tenant application forwarded to UCHK and yourself for approval.
- At every step, UCHK Consulting will be by your side to ensure that every aspect is conducted smoothly and professionally. We are here to answer any questions, anytime.

We pride ourselves on our level of service to ensure our clients have a successful Australian property investment and recommend our unique services to their friends and family.