The Australia Torrens System of Property Ownership for Investors

In Australia the ownership of real estate is held by a system known as the Torrens title system and is the worlds most secure and reliable instrument of owning real estate.

The Torrens title system was created by Sir Robert Torrens in 1858. This system of land ownership is responsible for the current method of recording and registering land ownership in Australia that is he Australian Government guaranteed. The Australian Torrens property ownership legal instrument has been adopted across the world. England and Wales, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore and Canada are just some of the countries that now use the secure Australian Torrens title of land system.

The Torrens title system works on three principles. The Government Register where all land titles are kept accurately records every aspect about the current ownership and interests about a person’s land. Because the land titles Register contains all the information about the person’s land, it means that ownership and other interests do not have to be proven by long complicated documents, such as title deeds.

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Australia Real Estate Ownership - Torrens System