Real Estate finance with a 100% loan approval

At UCHK Consulting we offer our clients the best possible property finance with a 100% approval rate for overseas clients. UCHK financial services are available for both local and overseas property investors. Our highly qualified, professional and cultural team is well positioned to bridge the gap when purchasing real estate in the Australian property market.

Bank finance for your property investment is critical to the success of your real estate wealth creation goals. Obtaining the best market mortgage rate and loan structure can save you thousands per year.

Prior to a property purchase, UCHK advises and assists clients to open an account with an Australian bank in their own name, place the deposit funds (10% down payment) for a fixed-term, the bank then issues the property developer a Bank Guarantee for the 10% down payment until the completion date.

Interest rate cuts by the Reserve Bank of Australia to a 60 year low, property investment in Australia has never been more popular and banks are very keen to offer overseas investors loans. The traditional method for overseas investors has historically been to make a 10% deposit of the value of the property to a solicitors trust account where it will be held securely under Government protection.

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Australian Real Estate Loans from 1.75%

Offshore Multi Currency Loans

Australian Real Estate Bank Mortgage Rate 1.75% - 2.25%