Are you seeking a part time or career in Australian Real Estate Sales ?

UCHK is the international distributer of prime Australia real estate investments for overseas clients. Over the past 25 years the UCHK brand has establish a strong market presence within the Australian project marketing sector. Attending public property fairs and conducting invitation only, sponsored private seminars, UCHK boasts a current client database of over 50,000 active clients of past purchasers and prospective buyers.

CHINESE are forecast to pump another $60 billion into the market.

Throughout South East Asia and P.R.C, the UCHK group is seeking a number of well connected and passionate, full time and part time sales representatives and client introducers. Regardless of your previous Australian real estate experience, current career path or education level, there is a position to suit everyone. The most significant factor to anyones success with UCHK Consulting is there ability to have contacts and their ability to network online and within business and community groups.

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Australian Real Estate Careers

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UCHK INTRODUCER - 1% of the sale price

introduce clients only

A networking professional that wishes to introduce potential clients to UCHK only, that does not require any involvement in the sales process. Introducing a potential client is simple and via email.

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UCHK ASSOCIATE - 2.5% of the sale price

part time real estate sales

Freelance Associate is the best option if you do not wish to have a career change, but wish to draw a formidable income from sales with the flexibility to dedicate your spare time networking and aligning your current employment.

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UCHK AGENCY - 4% of the sale price

established real estate firms

An established agency with 5+ full time sales staff, a registered business with experience in Australian real estate sales, contract law, finance and ability to deliver the entire sales process professionally from start to settlement.

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UCHK CONSULTANT - 2.5% of the sale price

full time sales position

An applicant that has secured their first property sale for UCHK and wishes to become a full time real estate consultant paid a base monthly retainer deductible against commissions.


If you would like to discuss joining UCHK Consulting, please email your interest and resume to:

Please specify the criteria you wish to apply for: Introducer - Associate - Consultant - Agency.

With training provided by the Managing Director, a Chinese university student has been successfully networking with his fellow students and wealthy families whom have interest in Australia. His earnings to date have exceeded $200,000.