A GAME OF THIRDS - A broader view on the factors affecting Australia property investment

So, you’ve signed the contract, handover is complete, financing is in place, everything is looking good on your brand new, first ever Australian real estate investment

By Scott O. Talbot

Or perhaps you’re an old hand and this simply marks another shrewd addition to your bulging property investment portfolio. However, whether you be an intrepid new explorer into the world of property investment, or have navigated the metaphorical four corners of the real estate world, before getting too carried away with how your property investment will perform, we must analyse the global economics and the affordability factors in each city which will help to give key indicators on the health of the overall economy and social circumstances in that area, thus revealing the likely outcome of your investment.

Many different elements and factors come into play that will have a long-term impact on both capital growth and rental returns. To understand this better, let us analyse countries that are experiencing huge capital growth and what the effect will be in those countries.

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