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Overseas investors located in India can be assured that UCHK Consulting is the best in the industry.

Indian real estate investors entering the Australian real estate market are faced with a tremendous number of real estate options that is confusing and impossible to understand. Real estate values and rental demand changes from street to street and it takes decades of knowledge and understanding to know what is a good investment and what will be hot in 2-5 years time. Expectational real estate investments are hard to identify and UCHK Consulting ( is the leader in the industry.

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Overseas property investors entering the Australian real estate market are faced with an enormous amount of options that is impossible to understand or narrow down.

Whilst an experienced property investor from their native country has certain skills and a knowledge base, their native beliefs cannot be applied to property investment in Australia. Property values and demand can change from suburb to suburb or from street to street. It takes decades of knowledge and experience to know what is hot today and what will be hot in 2-5 years time. Real estate opportunities are hard to identify and whilst a real estate agents spin on what there are selling might appear attractive they act for the seller, not the inexperienced overseas buyer. "Skill sets that are unique like a concert pianist or fine artist, not everyone has these abilities, to dissmiss thousands of property opportunities down to a select few that show potential " From an old expression , it takes the ‘Midas Touch’ (golden touch) of a seasoned property expert to identify an area that will have capital growth, narrow that down to a new development in that area then, select within that project only a handful of properties that will out perform adjoining properties in capital growth and rental return. Every real estate project offered by UCHK Consulting has been selected by our CEO based on his decades of experience and market knowledge. Within the selected projects there may only be a handful of apartments that have been approved by UCHK for clients to purchase. Within the matrix of factors such as sqm rates, views and accessibility to facilities, lifts, noise; a property opportunity is identified and scrutinised.

Australia has a wealth of culture and highest standard of living


Australia offers overseas emigrants a quality of life not seen anywhere else in the world. A natural, clean and safe country with a diversity of landscapes and experiences.

Indian Culture

Australia has a rich cultural connection to India with a strong community and regular events. Indian immigration began in 1843 with over 350,000 India-born Australian's recorded in 2015

Indian Students

Australia’s positive reputation with international students, many foreign students are choosing to do their degree, diploma or other course at one of the country’s many educational institutions.

Business Employment

Despite the global economic downturn Australia has a AAA credit rating, making it as of 2015 one of only 10 countries to have a AAA rating from the three major global ratings agencies.


Decide your budget, bedrooms and location

Select a UCHK approved project in a location that meets your requirements such as, a child attending university. Describe to your UCHK consulant your price range, desired floor plan and view. Your UCHK consultant will email you a number of options best suited to your requirements that have been approved by CEO.

Reservation fee and contract agreement

Pay the $5,000 reservation fee by credit card (Mastercard or Visa) or by electronic bank transfer. Ensure some form of receipt is attached to the reservation form as proof of your fee. The purchasing agreement or Contract of sale will be sent to you by mail for signing. A UCHK consultant will walk you through what needs to be signed and explain the legal terms.

Down payment and appoint a lawyer

Appoint an Australian lawyer to act on your behalfand pay the balance of 10% deposit via electronic bank transfer no later than 10 days after signing the reservation form. You can also pay to an Australian bank who will hold the money in your name and issue a guarantee. If additional time is required please discuss this with your UCHK representative.

Government Approved Investment

australia property investment

“ The Australian Government welcomes foreign investment from overseas. It is the genesis to building Australia’s economy by supporting population growth and financial prosperity for all Australians ”

Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB)

australia real estate

“ Appying for the correct visa is the path to Australian citizenship and a passport. The Australian Government encourages Indian nationals to apply for Australian citizenship when they become eligible ”

Australia Citizenship Department

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